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Mili Mandala

PACKAGE of 3 Handmade Seashells Mood Lights

PACKAGE of 3 Handmade Seashells Mood Lights

This unique package of 3 Handmade Seashells lights  is available with  25 % discount

CHIARA - a Latin name that means bright

MAHINA - a Hawaiian name for moonlight.

ELEANOR - a Scottish name meaning light.

CUSTOM MADE  in 10 days

Handmade seashells lights from pure porcelain in Mallorca.
Light plays a foundational role in creation. Through the mandala made from pure porcelain comes the light and energy which is traveling directly to your home. Mili has created this special form of light which is made as a copy of the original mandala made from ceramic, seashells, stones, wood, and flowers collected in Mallorca. Each light is a unique piece as it has been made from homemade mold which gives each piece of light a little bit of different shape and transparency. The seashells mood light is custom made and it can be done as a ceiling fixture or as a lamp with the switcher.
The led light is magnetic so it is easier to install it anywhere you wish. You can use this type of light for your room or decorate your new restaurants or the lobby in the hotel.
You are welcome to see the installation of lights in Lafiore Artistic Glass in Mallorca.


Mili is an active and mindful artist, meditation teacher, and lover of nature and humanity. Her mission is to connect people with their inner selves through discovering mindfulness in all ages.

Thank you for supporting an independent artist

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