Mili Mandala

Mili Mandala found her mission to help to connect families through Playful Meditations.

A joyful way for children to learn how to meditate and connect themselves with nature.

Her artwork is made of recycled materials, seashells, flowers, stones, seeds, wood, porcelain, crystals, and glass.

Mili paints the background using a new technique called "acrylic fluid". Some mandalas are finished off with resin, so they can last many years and provide a special wet look; creating the impression of "shells in the sea".

Mili is an active and mindful artist, meditation teacher, and lover of nature and humanity.

The combination of active meditation and creative art results in improvement in behaviour and connection of heart and mind.

,, I encourage all children to move their emotions, see their weaknesses and strengths, sustain their feelings by playful meditations, creating art projects, dancing and singing like nobody is watching, shake off all the stress and find their true potential.,,

and just simply be JOYFUL!"

Playful Meditation

Playful meditation is fun and awareness in one! 


Improves attention and behaviour

Focuses your energy

Calms the nervous system

Improves memory and concentration

Creates a more positive body image

Increases confidence and self-esteem

Stimulates greater creativity

Gives a feeling of calmness and inner peace

My goal is to help children to learn to meditate

With each purchase of any artwork you will  help us to achieve our goal!

The idea is to create a program that is open to everyone who would like to help each other grow in a peaceful environment.

Through different kinds of meditation, we learn to connect heart and mind, to help each other be playful and joyful, to be emphatic and always kind.

We let go of old habits and pain - we become more creative and find our true potential, and we start to enjoy every moment of our life.