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    A stepping stone is made with the intention to release pain, stress and toxins from your body. Each original mandala has been created during a playful meditation on different beaches and mountains of Mallorca. All seashells, stones and flowers have been collected, saying each time the mantra, "THANK YOU" and giving infinite gratitude and love to mother earth.

    This divine art has been transformed from playful meditation into useful art from concrete to stimulate neurological reflex zones on the foot to create health and well-being, and to regulate energy levels.

    The foot reflexology mandala is designed to massage and stimulate acupressure points on the soles of the feet, which are connected to various energy meridians of the body.

    The stimulation of the reflex zones may initially create pain and soreness. In fact, that depends on your state of health. Little children can run on such a path with little or no pain at all.

    You can enjoy this relaxing meditation daily by laying a reflexology path of stepping stones, creating your own ZEN garden.

    Walking on the reflexology path results in a significant reduction in blood pressure and improvement in balance and physical performance.

    Creating the path is easy. Simply order your favourite design of mandala and place them exactly where you wish to do your daily walking meditation and healing.

  • 8 tips on how to benefit the reflexology mandala

    1. Walk barefoot or with socks.

    2. Take your time and walk slowly.

    You don’t have to force yourself if you feel pain.

    Take small breaks, sit down and massage your feet.

    Take it easy.

    3. Increase your progress each time and try to do it regularly.

    4. Remember to breathe in and out.

    If you feel pain, which is natural in the beginning, breathe it out.

    Note where it is painful and try to work on that area the next time.

    The end goal is to massage all the parts of your feet.

    No pain no gain? Not really but after a while, you will feel better and it won’t hurt.

    5. Be regular/consistent in your walking routine.

    Do it every other day or a few times per week and notice the health improvement.

    6. Educate yourself about the foot reflexology map and try to step on the mandalas (of different shapes and sizes) in a way that massages organs that you want to work on.

    7. Do not be afraid to step in different ways:

    Take steps by using the balls of your feet.

    Take steps by using the heels only, if possible.

    Spread your toes and have their sides massaged by surrounding stones.

    Massage the sides of your feet by placing them between two large stones.

    Massage the top of your toes by placing them in front of stones.

    Find small stones on your path and stand on the whole soles of your feet.

    8. Drink water to help flush toxins away.

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