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Mili Mandala

Mandala Art Course for all ( in groups)

Mandala Art Course for all ( in groups)


The purpose of this mindful art workshop is to connect in silence with nature through creating mandalas, which brings gratitude, love and awareness. The experience often symbolizes student´s journey through life. Mandalas can also reveal their upcoming path in life. Through the guided process, they will learn how to communicate in the silence with their creativity, telepathy / inner senses, and true presence in the moment. The art workshop is separated into 3 sessions, each session takes approximately 50 minutes.

The first session is spent on the beach collecting materials and building more connections inside with nature and gratitude. In the second session of the Art workshop, we will use a special technique called acrylic pour, where the students will paint their own background for the mandala - their own universe. The third session starts with a heart meditation and is dedicated to the creation of the mandala itself. We provide all other materials needed to create beautiful pieces of art. All the gratitude, awareness, and love will stay in your handmade artwork. The price is recommended for 3 sessions per 1 person.

About Mili Mandala

Mili Mandala is an active and mindful Czech artist, meditation teacher, and lover of nature and humanity. She encourages the children to move their emotions, see their strengths and weaknesses, and sustain their feelings by playful meditations and creating art projects.

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