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Mili Mandala

Fine Art - Altar of Joy and Prosperity

Fine Art - Altar of Joy and Prosperity

Mili found in Palma de Mallorca enormous seeds from an abundant tree called The Kurrajong Bottletree (Brachichiton Populneus). It brought her to the idea to create a golden Mandala and use it as the Altar to pray for the Joy and Prosperity in the world.

To add a spicy feeling to it, she used sticks of cinnamon. The background is filled with white crystal sand and most of the seashells have been found on hidden beaches of Mallorca. Those blue mussels were given to Mili by the chef after tasting the paella from a local restaurant.

The frame in the style of Greek is focused on high arches with images of gods, and heroes. This Altar of Joy and Prosperity opens the god/goddess inside you.

The whole mandala is finished off with resin, so it can last many years and provide a special wet look; creating the impression of "shells in the sea"

This mandala was created during the year 2021 and finished exactly on the day of the 35th Birthday of Mili Mandala
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