Original and unique mandalas made by an active and mindful artist, meditation teacher, and lover of nature and humanity. Each piece of art has been created on daily heart meditation and most of the seashells have been collected from hidden beaches of Mallorca. Other gifts of mother nature have been found during walks in the mountains and forests.Mili paints the background using different techniques, one of them is called "acrylic fluid". Other backgrounds are made from sands, crystals, or pure wood. Some mandalas are finished off with resin, so they can last many years and provide a special wet look; creating the impression of "shells in the sea" 

We recommend using the fine art as the Altar of Joy which will help you to enhance the energy at your home.  You can place the Fine Art on the shelf, table, entrance of your house, or wherever you would like to create your joyful energetic space. Bring some candles, incense sticks, crystals, and objects together that remind you of peaceful and joyful moments.  Every day you can light the candle there, sit close to your Altar of Joy, set up your intentions,  sing mantras, meditate and let the beautiful and loving energy flow into your life

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This is an invitation to the upcoming Mili Mandala’s Fine Art Exhibition.

Come to meet me and explore my art at the Unión Arts Festival. I will be exposing my original art and selling my sea shell lights, posters and more, so come have a look!

Don’t miss the festival!Location:

Asociación de Yoga y Filosofía PrácticaCamí d'Horta, nº5, 07240, Balearic Islands

My mission is to connect people with their inner selves through discovering mindfulness at any age.

Any received support from the art exhibition will be used for the next Art Mandala Courses for children, so that everyone can participate

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